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Fantasy™ Crystal


  • Fantasy™ Crystal

    Fantasy™ Crystal.

Light dances along the curves of this asymmetrical pattern, revealing an iridescent shimmer. Color shift, shimmer, and fade darker in the changing illumination. The silvery, shining appearance gives a vibrant backdrop to assorted colors and angles that captivate the eye.

  • Refractive, Iridescent Surface
  • Metallized, Shining Appearance
  • Durable PVC Resins

This product is manufactured from durable PVC resins. Rigid PVC films are resistant to strong acids, alkalis, most oils, fats and alcohols. This material retains ink without smudging and lends itself to various printing types such as hot stamping, screen printing, thermal transfer, digital, offset, flexographic, latex and UV curable ink. This material is great for wristbands and makes for eye-catching Point of Purchase (POP) displays.

Fantasy™ Crystal Film is available in silver, gold and all standard colors. However, the colors, widths and thicknesses can be customized to suit your needs.

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Colors Silver, Gold, all standard colors available.
Roll Size 100 yards x (24") & 50 yards x (24")
Adhesive Acrylic (Permanent #123)
Release Liner 90 lb. Lay flat polyethylene coated both sides
Core 76 mm (3"), 152 mm (6") also available
Resin Prime resin up to 5 yrs durability depending on usage


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